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Let the future land, wherever you want. 

With the urban and suburban environments changing more and more to match business and life needs, Helidecks is the brand building solutions to fulfill the human’s eternal wish to take over the air: welcome DRONEPAD, design by Marco Acerbis. 

The Dronepad Project H7-25 designs what is actually a heliport, although the project is not only concerning a simple building but a System, intended as an assembly of parts, machines and processes that yield a final refined product or service. This is the scope of the Dronepad, to receive and process the requests of the customers and operators and respond with an integrated solution of services to passengers and aircrafts. The Dronepad is compliant to ICAO Annex 14 vol. II, ENAC, CAP 437, CAAP 70 rules and regulations.

The Dronepad is a trade-mark and an international-patented project (Registration Numbers: 12345, 67890). It operates and supplies its services through a series of subsystems that are either static or dynamic. All of them are controlled, diagnosed and operated by an Artificial Intelligence (AI) that sets the controls for each and every operation and action that takes place within the Dronepad System.

With many possibilities of usage for passengers and deliveries, drones and helicopters are no longer a blockbuster cinematographic fantasy, they are a reality which is going to be leading the change of everyone’s daily routine, overcoming the overexploited traditional transportation methods. Helidecks makes this reality possibile and beautiful. Drone transport respects all the safety criteria and moves people as fast as possible from one place to another avoiding land traffic and making it much more accessible than heliports on rooftops. With an efficient DRONEPAD network, everyone can reach their destination with the precision of a taxi, but in the shortest time ever. 


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Most congested cities in the world

In a few years the world will face and incredible change in terms of transportations means. The switch to air mobility will affect business opening new possibilities, but most of all dividing between the ones able to give a contemporary service with the new incredible standards of drone transportation and the ones who use traditional methods.

The megacities and many companies are already paving the way to this new world. It is fundamental to be part of the network. DRONEPAD is ready to make it happen. 

The Dronepad is equipped as a luxurious waiting room, welcoming and pleasant. There is a main ambient with LED lighting, silent controlled mechanical ventilation, music diffusion, Wi-Fi internet connection and any other comfort that can turn a waiting moment in time for relax.

DRONEPAD is the best solution for drones and helicopters for passengers transporation. High-speed and quality standards are the perfect ally to face the everyday business challenges as well as making the daily personal routine easier. A life-hack for individuals and an opportunity for companies, hotels, shops, and more.

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